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Examining Science Teachers' Development of Interdisciplinary Science Inquiry Pedagogical Knowledge and Practices


"Developing Interdisciplinary Science Inquiry knowledge and practices help teachers improve both science instruction and student learning. The current literature supports how teachers develop knowledge and practice of science inquiry but little has been reported on how teachers develop interdisciplinary science inquiry knowledge (ISI). Implementing ISI is new for teachers and requires support. This study examines the effect of university research experiences, ongoing professional development and in school support on teachers' development of ISI. The resulting instructional practices of teachers should be reflective of ISI characteristics. Since teachers are involved in the development of the knowledge of both science content and instructional strategies their resulting Pedagogical Content Knowledge should also evolve. Barriers to ISI knowledge development and implementation, such as program alignment, teacher needs and teachers' attitudes and beliefs to wards their students, science and pedagogy must also be addressed."